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Yacht Services Porto Rotondo Olbia
We believe in building balance into modern life – taking the time to rest and unplug from the daily hustle and to focus to ourselves and to our real passions, our relationships, and the wonder of nature.
Set sail to be off. Yacht Service Club take care of all the rest.
We strive for working hand in hand with our customers to find the best solution to their needs, in order to make their cruising onboard a pleasure and a joy without worrying about anything else all year long.
We stand on boat’s side! We want our yacht owners to feel free to call us anytime for anything they may need.
Horace Costa and his Team 
Yacht Services Porto Rotondo



Whether it is a case of service interventions, ordinary maintenance, or extraordinary refitting projects, Yacht Service Club top priorities are quality and excellence of service.

The Club has been conceived with the aim of creating an exceptional level of assistance to itsmembers with three important pillars: high quality, strong flexibility and proactiveness.

Thanks to its high professionalism, Yacht Service Club has been chosen as official partner of the main international brands in the luxury nautical sector Solaris and Solaris Power.

Yacht Care / Guardiennage

Yacht Service Club offers every kind of service you may need. From yacht cleaning to onboard supply, going through general maintenance and yacht care. As an owner you will only need to think about your passion for navigation and to the destination of your next anchorage.

Yacht Service Club dedicated team is available to finalize personalized yacht care programs upon yacht owner’s real needs.


We provide a complete storage service: from the organization of the transfer by sea to the transport by land at the shipyard, from the wintering interventions to the consequent drawing up of the worklist, from the ordinary and necessary maintenance to the improvement proposals, Yacht Service Club is able to guarantee a perfect storage service in every phase and for every type of boat.

With the end of the summer season begins the period dedicated to preserving the boat, time for accommodation, and routine maintenance.

The storage corresponds to this break between one nautical season and another, an opportunity that can be used to renew your yacht, improve its use, and the consequent life on board, a moment during which to bring out the potential of each yacht.

From the initial phase of wintering to maintenance, from coupons to refit interventions, the owner is recommended with care, and every work is carried out with the maximum care that only a hyper skilled Yacht Service Point can guarantee.

Spare Parts Supply

Yacht Service Club stocks the parts which are required for every day maintenance of your yacht, as well as most custom components that yacht owners will not find anywhere. No matter where you are, we will coordinate the delivery and the installation you may need.

Personalized Training Program

Every member of the Yacht Service Club will be able to subscribe to a Tutoring and Training program which will provide expertise and knowledge to yacht owners and on board crew.

Worldwide Assistance

Through the Solaris Yachts Authorized Service Centers located in key yachting hubs and with our dedicated organization available to travel and join your yacht, Yacht Service Club is ready to assist your boat in any part of the world with the guarantee of quality and punctuality in the execution of the operations and results.

Yacht Delivery

For this service enquiry please contact info@b-yachtserviceclub.com

Technical Consultancy, Surveys and Certificates

For this service enquiry please contact info@b-yachtserviceclub.com

Yacht Services Porto Rotondo Olbia
Yacht Services Porto Rotondo

For service enquiry please contact info@b-yachtserviceclub.com

“Tailor made” new programs will be dedicated to specific yacht owners needs, following and assisting step by step each phase.